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Have you ever had a cup of Matcha Green Tea? Green tea was brought from China to Japan by a Japanese monk, Kukai, in the 9th century. For a time, it was used as a medicine, and also as an element of Zen meditation. Latest research shows that matcha tea is rich in polyphenol compounds called catechins, a type of antioxidant. An antioxidant linked to fighting cancer, viruses and heart disease.

Having a cup of green tea gradually became fashionable with the people at court, and then grew popular more widely in other stratas of society. Now, in the present day, Japanese people might drink a cup of green tea quite regularly, in just the same way as British people famously have a cup of tea.

Matcha tea is just one of many kinds of green tea. It is cultivated from plants grown specially in the shade. Tea makers use stony ground to produce what ends up as a fine, bright-green powder. This matcha green tea powder is used as an essential part of the Japanese tea ceremony, and also is a way of letting you enjoy a delicious cup of green tea.

The tea ceremony was developed by a Zen follower, Juko Murata, in the early 15th century. In 16th century, many powerful samurais wanted learn that as it is very sophisticated activity. Tea master Sen Rikyu developed the tea ceremony into comprehensive art, it’s includes, calligraphy, fashion, ceramics, interior design, fashion, gardening, flower arrangement, drinking and eating food, fragrances, we can use five sense to enjoy a cup of tea.

Ever since then the Japanese have been practicing the tea ceremony, just like those who practice yoga, for reasons of health as well as mind. Juko suggested that ‘Zen and tea are of one taste’.

Matcha tea can be enjoyed with or without the tea ceremony. However, it adds enormously to the enjoyment to be aware of the meanings attached to the ceremony and its experiences. Matcha tea has been used for centuries to enhance the mind, to produce calm, peace and wellbeing, as well as boosting energy levels.

I believe that the tea ceremony is perfect for reducing the stress levels created by our busy lifestyles, and for keeping our minds sharp.

We run a Japanese Tea ceremony work shop for private individuals as well as for groups at our studio in Ladbroke Grove, at your home, in offices, at schools or anywhere you like. Please contact us for further details. The tea ceremony workshop tickets at our London studio are available on our shop site.


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